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 List of Camping & Trekking Gears Available For Rent:

1.   3 to 4 Members Capacity Tent 

2.  3 to 4 Members Capacity Tent 

Image description
Image description

Brand: Coleman

Per Day Rent :

Capacity: 3 to 4 members*

Weight: 4kgs

Rates:  190 ₹/ Day 

3. 2 Members Capacity Tent.

Image description

Brand: Quechua

Capacity: 2 members

Weight: 3.2Kg

Rates:  90 ₹/ Day 

Brand: Quechua

Capacity: 3 to 4 members*

Weight: 4Kgs

Rates:  190 ₹/ Day 

4. Sleeping Bag with zip For 20°.

Image description

Brand: Quechua

Per Day Rent : 

Description: Sleeping bag with zip for 20°. 

Weight: 1.1Kg

Rates:  50 ₹/ Day 

5.barbecue griller

Image description

size:49 x 25 x 7.5cm

Weight: 2Kg

Rates:  140 ₹/ Day

6. Lantern

Image description

Type: Rechargeable

Backup: 3 to 4Hrs 

Rates:  40 ₹/ Day 

7. BackPack (Rucksack)

Image description

Per Day Rent :50Rs

Capacity: 40L & 65L 

Rates: 50₹/ Day 

Currently Out of Stock 

8. Torch

Image description

Type: Rechargeable

Backup: 3 to 4Hrs 

Rates: 35 ₹/ Day 

9. Camping Stove

Image description

Type: Gas (includes Cylinder).

Backup: 3 to 4Hrs of continous Cooking

Rates:  150 ₹/ Day 

11. Sleeping Mat

Image description

10. Ice Chiller

Image description

Rates:  150 ₹/ Day  

Capacity: 16litres

12. Head lamp

Image description

Rates:  10₹/ Day 

 Delivery option Not Available..

Type: Rechargeable

Backup: 3 to 4Hrs 

Rates: 35 ₹/ Day  

Our Service Motto:

  •  No Security Deposit, Free Home Delivery* with Best price.. 

  • Serving Clean & Good tents for Customers.

  • Creating friendly Environment With Customers.

  • Guidliness for trekking & Camping For freshers.

  • And feel free with any queries, We are happy to help You..

  • if Need clarity on rates & If You have bulk Orders  You can easily Contact Us.

  • Hesitated to talk you can even text or whats app the query.

  • Bookings Based on first come first serve..

  • To know more information about trekking places in and around bangalore click here..

  • Do not Spoil or Damage the accessories , if damaged extra amount has to be paid to remburse the damaged product..

  • For cancellation please inform us do not hesitate priority based. 

Delivery Terms & Options: 

1. Free Delivery : Depends on per day rent to know the elgible of free delivery call us .

2.Door step Delivery: Weather its an ofice, Home, Bus station or an railway station we deliver at your doorstep.

3.Visit our store & pick up 24/7 open.

4. Delivery of Sleeping mat will not be Available.

5. For Home Delivery please inform Prior One day before, on the same day some times Possible some times may not.

Customer Queries:

Customer: Suppose if i rent gears on friday night and will return back on monday morning how many days wiil you Consider??

SLRS: We Just consider as a 2 days until 3PM of monday . No extra or Hidden Costs.

Customer: Will the tents will be clean & will be in good condition??

SLRS : Our tents are 100% clean if found dirty, will refund your rental amount or need not to pay rent at all..

Customer: Do you Undertake any Security Deposits?

SLRS: NO, We do not take anykind of Security Deosits. 

Customer: Till what time you people are open?

SLRS: We are Open 24/7 before coming intimate us.

Customer: what will be the damage costs if any gerars get damaged?

SLRS: Ours are all branded and world class tents they wont get damge easily, 

even though if it is mis- handled it will get settled within less than 100* ...

Customer: Is all the rates are same mentioned on the site?

SLRS: Yes.

Customer: will you people organize Camping events?

SLRS : We Do Organize Camping events minimum participants should be 10 Members.  


Demo Videos of camping Gears:

And please watch the videos for pitching the tents below/ Youtube or ask assistance to show Demo of Pitching the tents .... 

Improper Pitching of tents leads to damage

Video 2 pitch 2 Men Tent
 How to use sleeping Bags
 Video to Pitch XL3 Tent
 Video to Pitch Coleman tent